Silicones as Release Agents


ROMAKK RCMR-AL50 Release Emulsion has been specially formulated for a wide variety of uses as a release agent. In particular, the silicone oil phase is compatible with many organic finishing agents (paints/coatings) and hence some traditional properties of silicone release agents are improved. Molding, casting, and extrusion of aluminum (or its alloys) parts.


  • Excellent for release of parts to be coated, painted, bonded, or plated Emulsion stable to dilution and shear.
  • Efficient release agent (low amounts required).
  • The oil phase withstands degradation at molding temperatures and reduces build-up on the mold surfaces.
  • Designed for easy formulation with other release aids.
  • Designed for the release of articles that require post-finishing.

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