Silicones in Textiles


ROMAKK Amino functional silicone fluid is a specialized silicone material that can be formulated into a microemulsion. This microemulsion can be applied to textiles or other substrates through padding or exhaustion techniques, allowing for efficient and uniform distribution of the silicone fluid. The amino functionality in the silicone fluid enables it to interact and impart desirable properties, such as softness, lubricity, and water repellency, to the treated materials.

Grade NameAppearanceAmine Value (mgKOH/gm)Volatile Content (%)Viscosity (cSt)Features & BenefitsApplication
RCAF-D-28Clear to Slight Hazy30 – 320 – 61000 – 1600Soft feel, outer surface, micro emulsifiableSuitable for formulation into a microemulsion which can be applied by padding or exhaustion
RCAF-D-18Clear to Slight Hazy18 – 210 – 3800 – 2000Soft feel, micro emulsifiable, low yellowing, low cyclic content
RCAF-M-86Clear to Slight Hazy15 – 170 – 4800 – 2000Soft feel, body breaking, inner & outer surface, micro emulsifiable, low cyclic content
RCAF-DM-35Clear to Slight Hazy31 – 33.30 – 51000 – 1500Soft feel, body breaking, inner & outer surface, microemulsifiable, low cyclic content

silicone for makeup

ROMAKK RCCB-SGB 49 | Silicone blend of Cyclopentasiloxane and Trimethylsiloxysilicate for cosmetic products

Amino Functional Silicone for textiles

Made in India Romakk Amino Functional Silicone Fluids

hydrophilic block silicone fluids

Romakk Hydrophilic Block Silicone Fluids

Smoothing Emulsions for shampoos and conditioners

ROMAKK SNS SDA-89 | Non-Ionic Smoothing Emulsion for Shampoos and Conditioners


ROMAKK RCCE-SEP-88 | Silicone anionic emulsifier For 2 in 1 Shampoos



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