Silicones in Textiles


Specialty amino and cationic emulsions are advanced textile finishing products designed to impart specific functional properties to fabrics. Amino emulsions contain reactive amino groups that can form covalent bonds with fibers, providing durable softness, lubricity, and soil release properties. Cationic emulsions are positively charged and can electrostatically bind to negatively charged fibers like cotton or rayon, enhancing softness, anti-static properties, and color vibrancy. These emulsions are applied during textile wet processing operations like padding, exhaustion, or continuous dyeing, delivering specialized performance benefits tailored for different fabric types and end-use requirements.

ROMAKK TE-ULTRAClear to Pale Yellow60-62Non-IonicExtra Soft Finish. Suitable for Exhaust and Padding. Surface smoothness on Cotton, Viscose, and Blends
ROMAKK TE-AMAD (AMIDO AMINO)Clear to Pale Yellow29-32Non-IonicSuperior Surface, Superior Body, also Improves Hydrophilicity (Padding / Exhaust)
ROMAKK Finish 801Clear to Pale Yellow52-53Non-IonicCotton, Polyester, Blends, Knits & Woven (Exhaust, Padding)
RCTE PS-60Clear to Pale Yellow59-61Non-IonicExtra Soft Finish. Suitable for Exhaust and Padding. Surface smoothness on Cotton, Viscose and Blends
RCTE-BloomClear to Pale Yellow28-30Non-IonicBlooming Agent for Cotton and its Blends. Suitable for Padding and Exhaust
ROMAKK-1809Clear to Pale Yellow39-41Non-IonicAmmonium Quaternary based provides Excellent Softness to all types of Fabric (Padding & Exhaust)
ROMAKK KK-COMFORTClear to Pale Yellow14-15CationicTriethanolamine Diester Quatmethosulphate Chemistry for Excellent Surface Softness (Padding & Exhaust)
ROMAKK Finish-HP 23Off White30-32CationicFibre Finish, Soft finish on Cotton, Polyester, and Blends. Padding Application is Recommended for Fabrics
ROMAKK TE-886Milky White38-40Non-IonicSuperior Elastomeric, Soft & Smooth Handle for Cotton, Polyester, Blends, Woven Fabric (Padding)
RCTE 606-HMilky White63-66Non-IonicSoft Finish on Acrylic, Nylon, and Blended Yarn in Exhaust. Surface Softness for Cotton, Polyester and Blends, Mainly Recommended for Padding Application
ROMAKK TE-443Milky White16-18Non-IonicGives a good feel for Polyester Cotton Woven, Polyester Woven, Cotton Knits (Roller Padding)

silicone for makeup

ROMAKK RCCB-SGB 49 | Silicone blend of Cyclopentasiloxane and Trimethylsiloxysilicate for cosmetic products

Amino Functional Silicone for textiles

Made in India Romakk Amino Functional Silicone Fluids

hydrophilic block silicone fluids

Romakk Hydrophilic Block Silicone Fluids

Smoothing Emulsions for shampoos and conditioners

ROMAKK SNS SDA-89 | Non-Ionic Smoothing Emulsion for Shampoos and Conditioners


ROMAKK RCCE-SEP-88 | Silicone anionic emulsifier For 2 in 1 Shampoos



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