Silicone for Antifoams


Silicone industrial antifoams. Silicone-based Antifoams are used in a wide variety of foaming. Systems both in aqueous and nonaqueous type and in very small concentrations usually only a few parts per million. Foam can cause major convenience in industry resulting in damage to goods, overflow of vessels, loss of valuable products, and reduced plant efficiency. Foaming is a property that demands immediate solutions in order to achieve high productivity. The nature of foam differs depending on the industry involved. However, it always occurs as a concentrated dispersion of air or gas bubbles in a liquid medium that is stabilized by impurities, i.e., fine solid suspensions, surfactants, proteins, starches, etc.


  • Easy and quick dispersibility in non-aqueous media.
  • RCAC 300 is a specialty Silicone oil with hydrophobic Silica Incorporation.
  • RCAC HP is a specialty Silicone oil hydrophilic Silica Incorporation.
  • Excellent temperature stability in use.
  • Superior product performance over organic defoamers.
  • Excellent performance at broad PH range.
  • Chemically inert and non-toxic.
  • Cost-effective.

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