Silicones in Textiles

Block Silicones Manufacturing

Special Chemicals developed in block with different quaternization + Silicones to provide different feels

Amino fluids with very low cyclic content introduced keeping in mind to the changes in GOTS regulations

Working on nano emulsions for better penetration & high softness on the fabrics

Specialty macro silicones emulsions along with anionic behaviours & high internal viscosities for special feels for fabric

Specialty Silicones/wax lubricants along with new PAGs chemistries for Textile Lubrication application

Special Low foaming wetting agents & antifoam for textile

Silicones Spreader in Agrochemicals

Super Spreader Surfactant

High Agro Efficiency

Excellent coverage on crops

Rain Fastness

High Wetting & Penetration on the Surface

Low usage

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Silicones in Home & Personal Care

It creates new aestehtics

Changes Sensory Profile of basic moisturising lotion

Can lower Surface tensión of both oil & wáter base

Spreads better on skin

More lubricious, smoothening & greasy feel

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Silicones Surfactant for Defoamers

Works as excellent defoamerin formulation

Enhances defoaming in textile baths

Enhances defoaming in food processing application such as potato wash etc

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Silicone for Antifoams:

Aqueous Based: for Water Treatment, Processing / Textile

Oil Based: for Refineries / Oil and Gas

Silicone Organic: PNERcoating / Metal Working

Powder Based: In Powder Detergents / Starch Manufacture etc.

Silicone / PAG Chemistries: Food Processing, Distilleries, Beverage Processing etc.

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Silicones as Release Agents:

Silicone Sprays in Plastic Release

Silicone for Multiple Release for Plastics

Silicone for Rubber Release / PU Release / EVA Release and many more

Tyre release

Pie casting release

Construction release

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Silicones as Lubricants:

Used in Textile as Yarn

Used in high Temperature Lubricants in Grease form

Silicone / Wax as Thread Lubricants in Textile

Chain Lubrications in Spray form

In Plastic used as Slip Additive

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Silicone as Coatings:

Silicone resin increases resistance to high temperature in paints.

Silicone resin in Paints & Coating Protect against Water Penetration.

Silicone / Wax as Thread Lubricants in Textile

Silicone are Water Resistant and Water Repellents in Construction Coatings.

Silicone in Coating form are useful in :

– Technical Textile

– Outdoor Furniture Coating

– Food Packaging

– Protective Paints

– Glass Coating etc.

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